Get Adsense Approval On Free Domains. Must Know This If You Want Approval.

Hello bloggers, do want to start a blog without investing to earn money. I will share some great tips which will help you to get adsense approval fully free without investing. I will also give some advice that you should definitely follow. 

What Is Adsense.

Adsense is a product of google. Which helps you to monetize your site, app or youtube channel. You can earn money through adsense. Because it will serve ads on your website, app or youtube channel and pay you for serving ads. You can earn 1000$ per month through adsense. Not only 1000$ but you can earn more or less. It will depend on your work and audience.

How To Start A Website. 

There are many platforms to build a website
 Some are free. The most popular are blogger and wordpress. Bloggers is a product of google and it's completely free. Wordpress is not free. Because you need to buy a custom domain and hosting to make a professional and eligible site for adsense.

In blogger you can create a site free. No need of hosting. Just build the site write quality content and publish. When you have fulfilled all criteria of adsense. Apply your free blogger site on adsense. If it's enough unique and eligible than you will get adsense.

In wordpress and other builders. You need to buy a custom domain and hosting. The build the site properly and give enough content and apply.

How To Get Adsense On A Free Domain.

Adsense is now very strict to approve a website. You will not get adsense approval on a free domain. But if it's a blogspot domain you will definitely get. Because it's from blogger.

But there are many people who gets a domain from freenom with .ga, .gq, .ml, .tq etc for free. This domain are not very good domain. You will not get approval on this domains.

Also there are free domain from wordpress, weebly and some other services. But you will not get adsense on this domains. If you want adsense approval on a free domain. You have to definitely use domain. My one friend has got adsense approval on this free domain some days ago.

No matter what domain you use. If it's a tld (top level domain) then you will get adsense approval. Top level domains means .com, .xyz, . net, .uk, .info and other domains. You can just search the extension on google and see that is your domain is tld? 

Sometime many websites offers top level domain for free. A year ago mailchimp was giving .com domain for free and was giving .xyz domain for free. These are tld and many people claimed this domains for free and got adsense approval. 

Criteria For Adsense.

Ok, now you got a free domain from blogger. As well as you don't need a hosting on blogger. Just build your site professionally.

Write unique and user friendly contents. Your content should must be more than 300 words. Adsense doesn't says how much posts you have to publish. But if you are writing a post more than 500 words. You sould write at least 30-35 posts and then apply for adsense.

But I will suggest to write more than 1000 words. Than you can apply for adsense after 22-28 posts. You have to make about us, contact us, privacy policy and disclaimer paige also.

Before all of this, your post should be unique. It means, you can't copy others posts and write in your own style. Do some seo and index your site on google webmaster. 

Final Conclusion.

You will adsense approval on only domain. But before all of this. You need to fulfill adsense criteria. Adsense will approve your site. If it's uniqe, user friendly and follow all criteria. Don't write any content that violets human rights and  promotes illegal activity.

You can also use a custom domain on blogger to get adsense. Using custom domain will better than using a free domain. Because you can shift to wordpress or other builder anytime.

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