Mushroom Cloud Gaming Guide. Play Gta Trilogy On Android?


mushroom Cloud Gaming, gta trilogy android
I am not talking about to eat mushrooms. I will talk about a cloud gaming service named mushroom. Don't think to eat that. Jokes aside, this cloud gaming service is chinese. Using it will be a little bit different from other cloud gaming services. So if you want to use this mushroom cloud gaming service. Read this blog full. It's my guarantee that you can play gta trilogy on android for free.

Mushroom Cloud Gaming.

This chinese cloud gaming service is very popular and good. Because it have free coins earning option by watching ads. The most interesting games on this emulator is gta 5 and gta trilogy. Yes, gta trilogy is available there and it's free. It's the first emulator where gta trilogy is available for free. You can watch ads and play pc games. I have played gta vice city remastered and gta 5 on mushroom cloud gaming. 

How To Use Mushroom Emulator.

Install it and open. Then you can log in with chinese number or gmail. I used gmail to create a account. You will see many games. But when you open the app. You will get a daily sign in bonus. In bonus you will get coins. On the fifth day you will get vip. You can use the vip pass to play gta 5. Other days you can earn coins and play other games. Like gta trilogy, watch dogs 2, Naruto Shippuden etc. It can be a little bit tuff for you to use this. Because it's in chinese language. 
So you can definitely watch my youtube tutorials. Where I show cloud gaming tutorials. 

Pros Of Mushroom Emulator.

It's free. Now there are many cloud gaming services. But only few services are free for a limited time. You can use all of them including mushroom emulator. After being chinese, it's not too laggy. Without speedcn you can play games smoothly. I played gta vice city remastered. It was very good experience. 
It's saving your money. Because gta trilogy is worth 60$ also you need a high configuration pc or a console. But you are getting a free experience on android. Which is totally awesome and mind blowing. Very few people know about this. 

Cons of Mushroom Emulator.

The one and only disadvantage of mushroom emulator is it's chinese. I don't like chinese apps. But in the cloud gaming section, the most successful services are chinese. Chinese companies launch their cloud gaming service globally. Because china is very developed in technology. They provide cloud gaming services at cheap prices or free. Then most of people will use their service rather than using a paid service. 

Final Conclusion.

It's worthy to use a free cloud gaming service. If you don't have money to buy a paid one. Having anything is better than nothing. Personally I don't waste money to buy a cloud gaming subscription. I can do giveaway on my youtube channel. Because it helps me to earn money. But if you don't have money you can definitely use mushroom emulator and other free cloud gaming emulators. Already many of fake videoes regarding gta trilogy on android is out. They are scamming people by giving affiliate link. So it's better to use cloud gaming and fan made game than getting in a scam.

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