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Lightweight Google Translate Widget For Blogger

Hello everyone. Today I will share the code to install a lightweight Google translate widget on your blogger site. It will work on all blogger templ…

Latest Article Star Rating Widget For Blogger

Hello everyone. Today I will share article star rating widget for blogger. This widget is not made by me. I just did some changes to load this widg…

Mogul Cloud Gaming Is Op. Get Unlimited Playtime.

Hello friends, Today I will tell you about mogul cloud gaming. You know what? This is the Chinese version of mushroom emulator. You can play many pc …

Top 3 Ps2 Emulators For Android In 2022. Play Ps2 Games On Android.

Do you want to play ps2 games on your smartphone? Then you should know about some applications to play ps2 games on your smartphone. Today I will gi…

Top 4 Video Editing Apps On Android For Youtubers 2022. Edit Perfect Videoes For Youtube.

Hello guys, do you want to start a channel on youtube? Then you definitely need to edit videos. For this many people starts youtube with just a smart…

How To Get Ezoic Approval In 4 Hours? Complete Ezoic Guide. Earn more revenue From Your Website.

Hello guys, do you want to use ezoic? But before using ezoic you should know many things about it. I will tell almost all important things of ezoi…
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