Why Gta Trilogy Flopped? Fans Are Disappointed For Rockstar Games.

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Recently Gta trilogy launched on 11 november 2021. But fans of gta series and rockstar games didn't expected that will happen. How rockstar games can make a bad game. Which is full of glitches and bugs. I will show everything that I got from many sources and I will also share my personal opinion for gta trilogy.

Gta Trilogy Definitive Edition.

So it's not a new game. In this edition there are 3 old games of rockstar games. Gta iii, gta vice city and gta san andreas are remastered in this edition. Means only graphics are improve. The same story line and the same mission are there. No more changes than graphics. 

Ok it's good that rockstar games released gta trilogy. It's price is 60$ for windows and other os prices are also around this amount. But except the graphics all thing are same. No sequel or prequel of this series. 

Why It Flopped.

At first, there is no new things to do. No new missions, no new storyline. That will make gamers bored. Because they already have played this games. Only improving graphics will not make a game good. Gta 5 is a legendary game from 2013.
But playing gta trilogy will not give you any suspense. Whenever we play a story mode game. What will happen next and what will we do give us interest to play the game. But we already know the gta vice city, san andreas and gta 3 stories. That's why rockstar games disappointed many gta fans.

Many people purchased gta trilogy on their console or pc. They downloaded it and played. But the very disgusting thing is gta trilogy is full of glitches and bugs. There are some old files which is ruining the game performance. This is very disappointed thing. Because it's rockstar games. They gave many legendary games. But this time they are just doing shit.

For this glitches and bugs. Rockstar games launcher was offline for some hours. When it came back online. Gta trilogy was removed from rockstar games launcher. Now they will add it again after fixing bugs. But it made fans more disappoint. 

Really gta trilogy is failure of rockstar games launcher. If we see gta 5. Which was released on 2013. It has rating of 10 out of 10. But if we see gta trilogy it has only 3 out of 10. You can just clearly see why people are hating rockstar games. 

Every gta lover was waiting for gta 6. When rockstar games will announce gta 6 release date. But when they announced gta trilogy. It made fans angry. Because gamers are waiting for gta 6 from past 3-4 years. 

There are many modders. Who already modded this games graphics. Which is also very good and some are better than original definitive edition. Glitches and bugs are expected for mods. But from official rockstar games it is not expected. 

This all things made the game failure and fans dissatisfied. That's why rockstar games should release gta 6 as soon as possible. Because giving a same game again with improved graphics will not make fans happy.  Many players demanding for a refund of gta trilogy.

Final Conclusion.

This is the worst game of rockstar games ever. I didn't expect this. Everyone was expecting for gta 6 before 2022. But now it seems like gta 6 will not come before 2025. So rockstar games should understand fans demand. I heard they are planning to release gta 4 and rdr 2 remastered. In my opinion they should not release remastered edition anymore.

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