Parsec Cloud Gaming Guide. Create Your Own Cloud Gaming Service Free?

If you want make your personal cloud gaming set up. Then read the blog full. Because I will tell you some important thing about parsec cloud gaming service. That you can use for free to make your personal cloud gaming set up. Where you can play your pc games from anywhere or you invite your friends to play on your pc without coming your home.

Parsec Cloud Gaming.

Parsec is a remote desktop application. But with advance features. It is trusted by ea sports, ubisoft, blizzard entertainment, encore visual effects and square enix. Moreover now parsec became a part of unity.

You can remotely control your pc on any smartphone or web browser. But how you can use parsec? I will give you details shortly. Parsec is famous for streaming games from your pc and features of parsec makes it different from other rdp applications.

You can play games with your friends from different locations with parsec. You can easily share your pc with another from anywhere and anytime with parsec.

Device Requirements.

  • Any android device from android 4.0 to android 12. 
  • Windows 7 or 8.1+ / mac os 10.11/ raspberry pi 3 or linux ubuntu 18.04.
  • You can also use a chrome web browser.

How To Use Parsec.

You can just install their application. It's available on their website and google play store. Just create a account.

Then add your computer on host server. You can just check out videos on youtube regarding parsec set up. There are already many videos about this. I am just giving you an idea.
You can use your pc as a host in parsec application. After making your pc host. You can use other devices to log in with the same parsec account and you can use your pc.  You can also play games. 

I have used my pc as a host. Then I shared my pc with my friend and we played wwe 2k20 together. My friend was in his home and it was very much interesting. We did this many time on lockdown. 

Pros Of Parsec.

People uses it because it has very low latency.  Low latency means more smooth gameplay and much more fun on parsec. It's also free to use and able to play multiplayer games.

No problem if you don't have a pc. There are some users who shares their pc publicly and play some games. You can also join them and play with them.

You can use parsec for playing games on all devices. Because it supports browser gaming. You can use on nintendo switch, ios or any device with chrome browser. You just need a controller to play on their website.

Cons Of Parsec.

You need a controller to play games on android. On desktop you can use keyboard and mouse. There is no more cons of parsec.

Final Conclusion.

So you can use parsec as a great remote desktop software. There are more alternatives. But if you have all requirements you can definitely use this. Because it is better than other applications.

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