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I started reviewing cloud gaming services. I tell everything about the service. I try to highlight it's pros and cons. I am going to review boosteroid cloud gaming and it is one of the best cloud gaming in 2021.

Boosteroid Cloud Gaming.

Boosteroid is one of the cheapest cloud gaming service in these time with unlimited time. It is available for windows 10 64bit, windows 7 32bit, android mobile and android tv. Unfortunately it is not available for mac os and ios. You can play many pc games on supported device. Many games are available to play.

Gta 5, gta 4, cyberpunk 2077, apex legends, fortnite, far cry 3, red dead redemption 2 and many more pc games. You can check out their website to see what games they have.

Boosteroid Pricing.

In boosteroid you can buy two subscription. One is for one month and other is for 1 year. If you want to buy for 1 month you have to pay 9.89 euro. But you buy it for 1 year you have to pay 49.89 euro. If you buy it for 1 month its not gonna give you any benefits. But if you buy it for 1 year you are paying 4.16 euro per month. It means you gonna save 5.73 euro per month in 1 year subscription.

Which is very cheap. Because no cloud gaming service provides you service of 4.16 euro per month for unlimited playtime. You cam buy their subscription with your bank card and paysafecard. But your card should be international currency supported.

Pros Of Boosteroid.

You can play their games on their website. You can also get onscreen virtual controller to play games. You can also play their games on mac os and ios in browser. They provide services to play their games in browser also if you have thier subscription. Also it is very cheap compared to other cloud gaming services.

Cons Of Boosteroid.

There are not too much cons. But you need to have game license on steam, epic games, origin, ubisoft and other game launchers. But there are some games which is free your don't need to buy the games to play. But trending and famous games are not free. 

Should You Buy Boosteroid?

I will definitely suggest you to buy boosteroid. Almost all cloud gaming says first to buy the games from game launchers if you want to play. I know netboom allows you to borrow a steam account from them if you have subscription. But it is very costly. Which is around 25.99$ per month for unlimited game time. In loudplay you also need to buy games from publishers.  Vortex is also very costly. Shadow, xbox game pass and amazon luna is also costly than boosteroid.
So you can go for boosteroid at a cheap price and their service is also very good. They have low latency which makes you game smoother. Also it allows to play games on all platforms from its website. Subscribe infokeeda newsletter for getting updates from infokeeda. 

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