Netboom Cloud Gaming Review . Worst Or Best? Play Pc Games On Smartphone.


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Cloud gaming is becoming familiar now-a-days. Many of you wants to play pc games. But don't have a pc or have pc but not for playing bigger size games. But cloud gaming makes it easier and it is becoming familiar now. Because many companies have invested in cloud gaming. Companies like amazon, microsoft and nvidia has also invested in this business. 

Many of you wants to try a good, legit and cheap cloud gaming service. Ok, there are many cloud gaming service now. But not all services are good so much. Every service can have some problems. But today we are gonna know about netboom cloud gaming. Which makes cloud gaming easier. 

Netboom Cloud Gaming.

Netboom  is a very good cloud gaming service. It has over 10 million downloads on playstore and you can use it's services in android, ios,windows and mac os. You can also use their service in netboom official site. But their site works only on desktop version.

There are so many games on netboom. Gta 5, red dead redemption 2, watch dogs 2, wwe 2k16-2k20, cyberpunk 2077, nba 2k20, fifa 21, ranch simulator, hitman 1 and 2, minecraft and so many games are available on netboom.

Netboom cloud gaming is not totally free. They give 20 minutes free trial for new registered pc and mac users. But you need to buy their subscription plan to play games on it. They have 2 subscription plans. One is standard subscription and other is pro subscription.

Netboom Standard Subscription.

In netboom standard subscription you can get 80 hours of game time in one month. No matter how you use this game time. If you can finish 80 hours by playing games on it in one month you can't play more than this. But If you can't finish 80 hours game time your remaining game time will automatically finished after one month of purchasing your subscription.

Standard plan is worth 9.99$ per month. If you buy it for 1 year you need 119.88$. But for first time you will get 60% discount and the price will be 58.88$. There is also a quarter plan in standard subscription. Which is 29.99$ for 3 months.

Netboom Pro Subscription.

In netboom pro subscription you will get unlimited playtime. It means no matter how long you play. If you play 24×7 no problem. You can play whole day till your subscription gets expire. But it is more costly.

Pro subscription is worth 23.99$ per month.
The yearly price is 299.88$. But for the first time you will get it in 119.88$. The quarter plan is 74.97$. But for first time you will get it in 49.99$.

How To Use It?

To use netboom at first you need to download their service on your device. You can also use their official website in windows and mac. Buy their subscription. Select any game. You will get a start or play button. Click and play on your device. 

Pros of netboom.

If you purchase netboom subscription. You will get many advantages. On other cloud gaming services you need to buy the game license from publisher. But in netboom you don't need it. If you have license of your game than you can use it. But if you don't have license you can borrow from netboom and this is free. 

For example, if you have gta 5 on your steam or epic games. You can use your account to login and play. But if you don't have gta 5 or other games in you epic games, steam or other library you can borrow a steam account from netboom and it will not ask you for steam login. 

Also you get 3 servers on netboom. Two servers are for usa and one is on Singapore. If you are from asian countries you can use Singapore server which have low latency on asia.
In netboom smartphone version for ios and android. You will get on screen controls for playing the game.
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You will get these type of on screen controls. You are able to use other onscreen controls which you can find on their settings.

Cons of netboom.

You can also get a virtual cloud pc on netboom. But if you download anything on it or do anything on it. After you shutdown your pc your progress will not get saved. It means everytime you will get a different pc with same pre installed thing. But you can't use netboom for any other works.

If I compare it with other cloud gaming service. Its ok. Because not all service gives you permission to get rdp and save your progress. But also netboom uses more data. You need ta have more than 1 gb to play for 1-2 hours. It consumes data so fast.

Is It Good and Worthy?

I have tried netboom services and from my experience it is very good. Latency was so good and also other thing is also good. If I compare it with shadow, boosteroid, loudplay and others. It will definitely be a best option. But it is more costly than boosteroid and loudplay. But has some extra features like steam account borrow. In shadow you need 29.99$ per month. It has one advantage you get a rdp. You can download anything and it will remain on you pc till your subscription and you can use other pc games streaming service like remotr, rainway and moonlight to stream your games on smartphone from shadow pc.

But still netboom is a good option. At least not the worst service. It has more than 190k reviews on playstore and 4.4 rating. Some people only rates it 1 star because its is costly. I will suggest you to use it. That was all about netboom cloud gaming. Hope you got all information about it. You can subscribe our newsletter for getting updates about our latest post. 

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