Top 4 Video Editing Apps On Android For Youtubers 2022. Edit Perfect Videoes For Youtube.

Hello guys, do you want to start a channel on youtube? Then you definitely need to edit videos. For this many people starts youtube with just a smartphone. But how you can edit perfect videos with a smartphone? I will tell you the top 4 video editing apps. So just stay with this blog.

Top 4 Video Editing Apps On Android For Youtubers.

  1. Powerdirector.
  2. Adobe Premiere Rush.
  3. Kinemaster.
  4. Adobe Premiere Pro.


So PowerDirector is an android app where you can edit videos professionally. Personally, I will suggest using it. Because it has many advanced features and customization. It has a green screen eraser, different effects, sound adjustment, and many more things that you can do on a powerful editor. Powerdirector has more than 100 million downloads on the google play store. Now it is in #2 grossing for video editors.

You can definitely use it. Because once you learn how to use PowerDirector you can edit any video professionally and easily for your youtube channel.

Adobe Premiere Pro.

As it seems by name it is released by adobe. It's one of the most powerful video editors for Android. Yeah, it's powerful that's why it will not run in very low-end smartphones like 1GB or 2GB ram and low configuration. 

But if you use this application you can edit your video very professionally. Because it's like the pc version of adobe premiere pro. You can many things with it. You will get many templates to use on video. You can export video in 60 fps and 4k resolution. You just need a good device to run the application smoothly. 

Adobe Premiere Rush.

It is a lower version of adobe premiere pro. It has some restrictions. You can use premiere rush on also mid-range devices. You can buy premium features to get access to more features. It has advanced audio tools, customized animated titles, great video effects, pro-quality video, and many more features. You can use premiere rush to edit professional videos. 


Ok, now finally I am going to pronounce the best video editing application for android. Yes, it is kinemaster. It is best because it supports low-configuration smartphones also. It has easy to navigate user interface.

There is a different type of asset store on kinemaster. Where you can download assets and use them on video, multiple editing tools, and many more features. I have seen almost all YouTubers who edits video with a smartphone uses kinemaster to edit their video. Many of them edit the video professionally that no one can say it is edited by kinemaster. 

Final Conclusion.

These all video editing applications are best. There are more applications available. But all are not useful for YouTubers. Because if you want to edit videos for youtube content you have to use these applications. Personally, I am using kinemaster. Because it has too many advantages and is easy to use. 

You can also use adobe premiere and PowerDirector. I just shared my opinion on kinemaster. First of all, you have to know how to use those applications. Then you can easily edit easily.

You can edit gaming videoes, vlogging, vines, animation and any type of videos. I saw many youtubers making cartoon animation video on kinemaster. I hope you enjoyed with my blog infokeeda. 

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