How to make your blogger website professional and earn more money.

Making a blog website and publishing is not enough. You have to make your website beautiful and attractive, easy to navigate. But if you are using blogger then you will definitely get confused to use which template. 

Today I will give you some important, uniqe and awesome tips and tricks. That will make your blogger website professional. This is very important for a blog. Because you will get more user retention and people will share this if it's worthy.

Make Professional Blogger Website.

First, you signed for blogger and created a website. Then you have to choose a template. Blogger have some template on their template gallery. But this templates are not very attractive and professional.

You have to use a good looking, user friendly and easy ro navigate template. Let me suggest you some professional blogger templates.
  • Median Ui.
  • Seo Pro Blogger Template.
  • Hartomy V3 Blogger Template.
  • Litespot blogger template.
  • Magpro.
  • Newspeed.
This all templates are responsive, easy to navigate, adsense friendly and professional.  But I will suggest to use median ui, hartomy and litespot. Because this 3 templates are my favorite and this are very attractive, user friendly. You can also edit the template. You can add widgets and change anything that you want. This will make your site different from others.

Ok, now you have published your site and using a good template. Then what's next? So, you have to write unique articles for your blog. To write like a professional you should use easy words to make a sentence easy to understand. Then user can understand easily what you want to say. 

Now you know that you have to write perfectly. But what to write? It depends on your blog niche. You can select many niche for your blog. But don't copy others. Try some different thing. Choose your niche smartly. Only choose the niche that you have knowledge about that. I will suggest not to make smartphone and hardware specifications. Because there are already thousand of websites covering this niche. 

Only writing is not enough. You have to do seo for your website. You can do on page seo, off page seo, internal linking and create backlinks for your blog. This will help your blog to rank easily on google. If you don't have enough knowledge regarding seo. You can definitely finish a course. There are many course on online. If you don't want to complete course with money. Then you can follow some blogger on youtube. There are many free videoes regarding search engine optimization.

Seo will help to get traffic on your site. If you have a decent number of traffic, you can earn money from your blog by showing ads. If you don't have traffic no matter how much ads you show on your blog. You can not earn money without traffic. So get traffic by seo then you can expect to earn money.

How To Earn Money From Blogs.

Now, you can write smartly and easily, you have niche for your blog and you also learned seo. Then how much articles you should write for earning or how you will earn money from it? You can earn money from your blog in many ways.

You can show advertisements on your blog to earn money or you can join affiliate program to earn money from your blog. The best way to earn money from a blog is advertising. Almost all blogger chooses this way to earn money. 

There are many ads provider that can monetize your blog. But adsense is the best. Most of blogger prefers adsense to show ads on their blog to earn money. There are also many ad networks. You can use adsterra,, taboola, adsnow and many more. But adsense provides you the best earning for your blog. 

If you don't know what is adsense. Let me tell you. Adsense is ad service provide by google. Which helps to monetize a website to earn money by serving ads. But it is not easy to get adsense on your site. There are some requirements to get adsense on your site. You can just check out adsense forum to know the requirements.

I will suggest to write more than 1000+ words article. After writing 23 to 28 articles apply for adsense and hope you will get adsense on your site. Your post should must be uniqe and not copying others post. 

But if you don't want to use adsense or you are not getting adsense, you can use other ad networks also. But the other ad networks is not very good like adsense. You will get lower earning compared to adsense.

I am keeping other ad networks aside. You can also use ad exchanges with google. There are some adx services which provides you google ads without adsense. For better understanding you can check out my top adx blog post. I will recommend it if you want to use. Because this will show only high quality ads on your blog and you will earn more. Ezoic, double click, adsproper and optad360 is very popular for google ad exchanges.

Important Things Of Professional Site.

You should not greed too much for money. Because I saw many website putting too much annoying ads on their blog. It ruins user retention. You should turn on auto ads and google will optimize the ads or you can just ads 4 to 5 ads for a 600 or more words article.

Also you should not show ads that can ruin user experience. Like adult ads, pop ads, gambling ads etc. That can just be reason to not visit in your blog. So keep your site neat and clean. 

Finally you should make your site smartphone friendly also. Because there are many site which don't works properly on smartphone. 

Final Conclusion.

This all was some ways to make your blogger site professional. But you can also do more things in your way. This is your choice to keep your site professional or not. If you don't want to make your blogger site professional you can just ignore this. You can suggest more ideas in the comment section. I will try to answer your questions.

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