How To Get Ezoic Approval In 4 Hours? Complete Ezoic Guide. Earn more revenue From Your Website.

Hello guys, do you want to use ezoic? But before using ezoic you should know many things about it. I will tell almost all important things of ezoic. You can earn more revenue by ezoic high quality ads. Hopefully my this blog will help you to know about ezoic.

What Is Ezoic?

At first, many people think that ezoic is a ad network or ad exchange service. But this is not. Ezoic is a technology platform that helps you to show high quality ads from other ad networks. So that you can earn more by high cpm and high cpc.


If you want to use ezoic. Let me tell you how it works. If you use ezoic, it will show high quality ads from google, media net and other ad networks. If your site gets approved by ezoic you can show ezoic ads and earn money. It's certified by google. So you can definitely use it. I will give you a quick guide to start with ezoic.

Get Started With Ezoic.

  1. First you need to sign up on ezoic.
  2. After creating an account on ezoic add your site there. You will get option to add.
  3. After adding site submit it for review.
  4. After submitting review if it gets approved you need to do a set up for showing ads.

Set Up For Ezoic.

If your site gets approved you have to complete some courses to show ads on your site. There are 3 important course on ezoic. Basic, monetization and speed course. The basic course is optional. But I will suggest you to complete all three courses.

First complete all three courses. In the courses you will have to watch some videoes about ezoic. You cant skip the videos. You need to watch all videoes fully. Because you have to give a test for it. 

After completing all three courses. You have to give 2 tests. First test will be on monetization course. It will ask you 21 question regarding ezoic. If you watch all videoes you can easily pass the exam 

In exam if your score is more than 75% you will pass it. But if your score is less than 75% and more than 65%. You have to wait 12 hours to participate on the test again. But if your score is less than 65% you have to wait 24 hours to give the test again.

The 2nd test will be on speed course. It will ask you 17 question. Watch all videoes carefully to pass the exams. The requirements are same as monetization course. 

I have passed the exam on my 2nd try. I scored more than 83%. So I will suggest you to watch all videoes carefully so that you can pass the exam easily. After completing all courses you will get 3 badges from ezoic. The basic, monetization and speed badge. Now you can show ads on your site. But a small set up needed.

How To Show Ezoic Ads. 

If you complete the monetize course you will get set up option on monetization section. First you have to connect your google ad manager account with ezoic. ( If you don't have ad manager account create one). You need adsense approval on your site to use ezoic.  

Now you need to setup your ads.txt file with ezoic. You will get a guide to set it up. So follow the guide. Then create placeholders. It is ad code like adsense. You need create at least 10 placeholders. Then turn on your traffic for ezoic.

Now you are completely ready to show ezoic ads on your site. I will suggest you to use ezoic with your adsense. Because ezoic is an ai technology platform. If you use it with adsense it will show more high quality ads and this means more earning. The minimum payout for ezoic is 20$. 

Requirements For Ezoic Approval.

If you have adsense approval on your site. You can easily get ezoic approval. But you should not have any illegal, harmful or misleading content. If you have at least 10 posts more than 1000 word you will get ezoic approval. I have got the approval in 4 hours after applying. If your blog is unique then you will also get approval withing 24 hours.

Final Conclusion.

It's your own choice to use ezoic or not. I will suggest to use. Because you should not depend on adsense only. You will earn more money through ezoic. So use it and you can see my other posts. I share good knowledge with you.

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