Play Gta 5 On Android With Loudplay. Play Any Pc Games That You Want.

Do you know, cloud gaming made it possible to play pc games on android or ios. Because there are many games which can't be play on a mobile device. Because of low storage and not enough power of processor and gpu. But we can play pc games on a mobile device. Recently I started this blog and my very first topic was about cloud gaming. You can check out my all posts regarding cloud gaming. I gave many free cloud gaming service details and paid also.
But today I am going tell how to play gta 5 on android with loudplay cloud gaming service. So read the full blog if you want to play😊.

Play Gta 5 On Android With Loudplay.

So at first you need to install loudplay. You can get it from play store. After installing it. It will not give you any free trial. You have to buy a subscription with 13.99$. in different countries it has different prices. In india the price is 499 inr, in bangladesh it's 880 taka, in pakistan it's 1500 pkr. So first buy the subscription. After buying subscription you will see gta 5 game on loudplay. When you click there a virtual pc will get started. It can take time to start. But after getting the virtual pc. You can play gta 5. Because it has gta 5 steam, epic games and rockstar games version. If you have the game on these platforms. You can login with your account and play. 
Remember one thing. When you create a virtual pc. You data will be saved for 7 days. If you don't login and play in these 7 days. Your pc will get deleted. Means you need to create a new virtual pc. You can also install any game on this cloud pc. Because it's a gaming pc. If you don't own gta 5 on steam, epic or rockstar games then you can watch my this video to play gta 5.

You can also play the games from ocean games. So you can play anything. Because it has 16 gb ram and very high end configuration. The download speed is also very fast. 
Don't afraid to use this method to play pc games on android. Because it will not hamper your smartphones performance. Because you are playing on the cloud.  Instead of watching fake videoes and playing fan made game. This cloud gaming way is much better.

Final Conclusion.

So this is the method that I tried in my own. I know the video language is hindi. But that's why this blog is in English. This method don't requires buying a flagship smartphone. Because you are just streaming a pc screen on your device and controlling it. So you need a good internet connection to play. So I don't want that people buy it by giving a pressure on their parents. You can buy it's subscription from your pocket money. I hope you got some informative knowledge about playing gta 5 on android with loudplay. If you didn't read my post about gta 5 android scam. Then must read it. Because it can save your time.

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