Best Google Ad Exchanges. Increase and Double Your Adsense Revenue.

Do you want to increase your revenue from your blog website? The you should definitely try google ad exchange. It will increase your revenue much more than adsense. Don't worry you can show google provided ads. But doing exchange with other ad networks. 

It's a little hard to understand. But just follow the steps to increase your revenue.

Best Google Ad Exchanges.

  1. Ezoic.
  2. Optad360.
  3. Adsproper
  4. Hooligan Media.

Ezoic Ad Exchange.

Ezoic will be the best google ad exchange for you. Because it is certified by google, cloudflare, and wordpress.

You can double your adsense revenue with ezoic and it is trusted by all users. You can easily get approval on it if you have adsense approval.

If you get approval you can manage your ezoic ads on you dashboard. Don't worry your ad will be served from google. But you will get more high quality ads on your blog.

You will get high cpc and high cpm ads. You earning will be generated on ezoic dashboard. You can receive your payments from ezoic though bank account or payoneer.

Optad360 Ad Exchange.

This is one more ad exchange service. Many link shortner websites uses this. 
Google, taboola, pubmatic, mgid, openx, yandex and many more trusted companies are partner of optad360.

You can easily get approval on optad360 if you have organic traffic and minimum 80000+ views per month. If you have enough traffic you can apply for monetization.

If you get approval you can easily place optad360 ads. You will get more revenue and you can receive your optad360 payments through your bank account.

Adsproper Ad Exchange.

It is trusted by google ads and having more than 30 ad partners. There is one more thing. It is an indian ad exchange service.

It's a little bit difficult to get approval on it. Because it needs 300k to 1 million traffic per month. 
But believe me, if you use this ad exchange your earning can increase 10 times. Because it shows very high quality ads.

You can earn much more than adsense and you can receive your adsproper payments on your bank account.

Hooligan Media Ad Exchange.

It's not very popular. But you can use this.  Hooligan media is a uk based ad exchange company.

It doesn't asks minimum traffic requirements.  But you should have at least 10k organic traffic per month.

You can earn money from hooligan at withdraw in you bank account.

Adwmg Ad Exchange.

You can use this if your blog is small. You need at least 25k visits per month on your blog. 

It will exchange google ads and boost your revenue. Because it will show ads on your site with matching your content and it will show only high quality ads. 
So that you can earn more through adwmg. You can receive your payments from adwmg with paypal or any bank account.

Final Conclusion.

You can use this ad exchanges as adsense alternative. You can earn more by this ad media. If you are having any problem regarding this networks.

Then just google it or watch tutorials regarding this ad networks on youtube. Because there are many bloggers teaching blogging free. In my opinion ezoic and adsproper will be the best ad exchange for you.

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