Whale chinese cloud gaming. But it's best. Know how to play pc games on android.


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China is like a home of cloud gaming. In my life I have seen many cloud gaming services. But starting of cloud gaming services came from china. You can say in one way. Because the first cloud gaming service which got millions of user was gloud games which was chinese. Chinese emulators become famous because most of them are free to use in starting. They make their audience by giving free trial.

Today I am gonna give you information about a free chinese cloud gaming emulator.  Where you can play pc games on your android phone. 

Whale Cloud Gaming. 

Like other chinese cloud gaming. It's also free for now. It launched on 2020 around march. Most of cloud gamers uses chinese cloud gaming services. Because most of the chinese emulators are free to play. Whale cloud gaming is also free.
If you register for the first time you will get 2 hours and a queue card for bonus. In daily check in you will get 40 minutes play time. You can also get more playtime by watching ads. At last you can easily get 1 hour daily.  You can sign in through chinese number, wechat, qq, google or gmail.
You can play so many games on it. It has gta 5, rdr 2, watch dogs 2, hitman, cyberpunk 2077, dmc 5 and more than 200 pc games. You can also get your favorite once.
You can also get a virtual cloud pc in whale gaming. You can use this pc daily. But it don't saves your work progress. Don't worry it will save your game progress.

Whale Pricing.

It's actually free for now. Because its chinese. The vip payment is in wuhan currency. But it has english language. So I can predict that it may launch globally. Because it has google sign in also. So it can be launch globally. If it launches I will give you update. But still you can buy their vip with paypal. Which ic 5.26$ per month and it has 31 hours play time.

How To Play Games On Whale.

To play games on whale discover your games. Click and play. It will not ask you any steam/ epic or other login. But if it asks than you have to login. Very few games will ask login.
Gta 5 has 3 version. You can play one without any login. One is for steam users. One is for whale vip users.

Pros Of Whale Cloud Gaming.

So it's ui is in english language. So you can easily use this service. You can also get no internet lag if you apply a trick. It's free for now. You can also use a cloud pc there.
Many people's outside of china uses this service because it's free. You can watch me on my youtube channel about cloud gaming updates.

Cons of Whale Cloud Gaming.

It's chinese and this is the one disadvantage of whale cloud gaming. But there is no more disadvantage till now. So it is one of the best emulator.

I hope this emulator will launch globally. Because it has paypal, english language and no lag. So it has high chance to global launch of whale cloud gaming. I liked this emulator very much. Because I played gta 5 very smoothly on it. You can also try this chinese whale cloud gaming service.

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